April 20, 2014

Cebu's Noteworthy Blogs and Bloggers

The Intro

Time.com holds its Annual Top 25 blogs since 2008.  I’ve been following and reading some of the top 25 blogs such as Lifehacker, Zen Habits, PostSecrets, and Seth Godin’s Blog. Other top blogs of notes which I like to gain insights from because of witty and personal accounts of their bloggers are dooce.com and the The Pioneer Woman. I have also subscribed to the  blog feeds of  Darren Rowse on problogger.net, Yaro Starak and John Chow. Daniel Scocco and Karol Gajda are other bloggers of notes. I’ve gained inspiration from Karol Gajda on travel writing and blogging. He is the man who has toured the world after gaining success online.

I also like to grab some helpful tips from Dumb Little Man and Mashable. But reading many of these blog posts could take much of my time that there would not be anything left for writing my blog posts. But from time to time though I read their posts to seek inspiration and to kindle my writing motivation.  I’ve experienced writer’s block before albeit temporarily. Thanks to these blogs, they’ve helped me in igniting my passion for writing again.

Now, it seems unfair to look up for other blogs from other countries. So,  I have searched for blogs in my own turf. And luckily, there are some that are really noteworthy to mention.

My Picks

Starting from now, I hold my own list of Top Cebu blogs of notes. Though I have to regard Top Blog Posts and other blog ranking search engines to provide credibility to my ranking, I think that will just take 20% of my ranking criteria. The rest will be based on my observations and findings. If I like them, simply because they have these attributes:

1) Timeliness of Blog Updates – constantly updated blogs really matter a lot.

2) Informative – Need I say more?

3) Witty inputs- Not dull, have insights, and can provoke attention.

4) Helpful – a Good Samaritan

5) Good writing style – although grammar is taken into consideration, I like the more personalized approach in writing style. You can feel the passion of a blogger through his blog posts.

6) Good Templates/ Themes

7) a Niche blog- a blog that focuses on a certain niche and excels on that niche.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to find these Cebu bloggers or Cebu-based bloggers who have managed to excel in blogging. Many of them are active in Cebu Blogger’s Society as I have observed but then they still have alloted their time to bring relevant blog postings. After all, the thing that connects them is through blogging.

And so blogging they do.

Here are the bloggers that have really utilized their time to blog and to showcase Cebu to the world through their blogs:

Blogger: Bert Azura Padilla

I don’t want to be biased here. But so far, this is the only Cebu blog that has blog posts almost everyday. The blogger also does weekly recaps of his posts, a relevant rundown to catch up on missed posts.

The Best Cebu Techie Blog

The Blue-speckled Diary

Blogger: Cathy Laine  Anoba

Like:  articles with wits and personal touch

Blogger: Mark Alessandrew Abitona

The Best Personal Cebu Blog

Posts are insightful and witty. And I like his writing style.

Blogger: Jerry Gervacio

Likes:   witty posts, passionate and pragmatic

Blogger: Agnes Jimenez

What I like about here is her being a true-blue Cebuana. But she has an attitude and a great blog.

Blogger: Reuel de Egurrola

Like:  His post on something about survival guide has impressed me.

Blogger: Mark Monta, CBS founder

Like:  Great-looking theme

Blogger: Andrew Buenaviaje

Like: the food pictures are good enough to eat.

Blogger: Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

Like:  very informative and among the top Cebu professional blogs, of course, from a Cebuano professional.

Kevin Ray Chua

The first time I’ve stumbled upon the name of this blogger is his blog’s inclusion to Dexter Panganiban’s  Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog for 2009. Indeed, this is a Cebu blogger with outstanding views on politics . We may not have the same bet for presidency ( only on vp)but his passion on politics transcends through his blog. And that makes him remarkable to me.

Janmck Hilado Ventures

  • Blogger: Jan McKingley Hilado

Like: a very young entrepreneur, indeed!

McBilly Tech

Blogger: Wilford McBilly Sy

Like:  a great Cebu tech entrepreneur blog

Vernon Go

Blogger: Vernon Joseph Go

A Cebu-based business blog

Kim Under the Sun

Blogger: Kimberly Halasan

Like: Her musings are impressive

Miss Wilhelmina

Blogger: Wilhelmina Sarawi

This list of blogs are not yet done. I still have to search for other Cebu blogs.

Other remarkable blogs based in Cebu are:

Cebu’s Kiatan

This blog is impressive in terms of traffic and content. I was not able to include it for it took a long time to load when I was about to explore it. Perhaps, large traffic has something to do with it.

Tambayan Box

The blogger has angst and is reflected with his posts ( not all though). But what I like about his blog ( yeah, he is a he) is the bio page. It provides me the subtle picture of what the author is.

But wait, I have another blog that I have failed to include in the list. It is Wilson Ng’s Reflections of a BizDriven Life. It is the first blog from a Cebuano businessman that I have followed.

Why Make the List?

I want to get inspiration from these blogs.  Simple!

I know that it takes time to gain earnings from blogging. But I bet there are Cebu bloggers who have made little to considerable income from blogging.

The journey to find great and professional bloggers from Cebu does not end with the above list. I will still search for other blogs whose bloggers are Cebuanos or are based in Cebu and are professional.

Do you have some recommendations? Or have I missed other Cebu bloggers which should be included in the list?

Let me know and let’s discuss this thing in the comment section.

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  1. Thanks Bjornson, do not worry I will soon revise my template and some features.

    Btw, Some of those blogs you mentioned are winners of 2009 Best Cebu Blogs.

    Once again, Thank you and I appreciate this post

    • Bjornson Bernales says:

      Thanks Mark!

      This can be considered an ambitious post; nevertheless, it is a positive thing for me to feature Cebu blogs with noteworthy posts.

      I will include Kevin Ray’s blog. If you have a link of Evan John’s Blog, thanks. I would like to check his blog.

  2. Nice set of blogs indeed! ^_^

    • Bjornson Bernales says:

      Yours is also remarkable, I have to commend.

      And your bio rocks!

      Don’t worry if your blog is not included here. I will have a part 2 and maybe part 3.

  3. Wow! I can’t really imagine you’ve been following my blog… Many thanks for that! It’s good to see it first on the list! More power Cebu bloggers!

    • Bjornson Bernales says:

      You are the among the first Cebu Bloggers that I have followed and perhaps the only Cebu blog in which I have subscribed for blog feeds. Other blogs, not yet pa.

  4. Thanks for including me ;)

    • Bjornson Bernales says:

      It’s an honor Mr. President!

      I have gained some good things from your blog. You are also into business.

  5. Thanks for the citation. This gives me more inspiration!

  6. I truly agree with your list! Go CBS. ;)

  7. oh yeah! keep on rockin’


  8. Thanks very much for including me in the list. It’s a very good morale booster and makes very good inspiration too :)

  9. I like that you

    think. Thank you for share very

  10. great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you.

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    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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  12. Good blog, I want to build up mine own and probably will use the same script as yours.

  13. I attempted to subscribe for your rss, but had a difficulty adding it to google reader. Could you please look at this webpage.

  14. Majority of the list is with Cebu Bloggers Society! More power tp CBS and Bjorn!

  15. I just happened to revisit you blog and thanks for including me in the list ^_^

    **blushes** hehehe

  16. I do not believe I have seen this described in such a way before. You actually have made this so much clearer for me. Thank you!

  17. Karon pa lagi ko kabasa ani aist. Thanks, Bjorn…kitakits nya…(; – Empress


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