April 18, 2014

World-class barista Junichi Yamaguchi amazes local baristas and bloggers in Bo’s Coffee Cebu

I am still at awe after witnessing the awesome hand strokes of a latte artist from Japan, Junichi Yamaguchi.

The 29-year old Japanese lad has brought his artistic ability to Cebuanos during a latte-training session in Bo’s Coffee Capitol branch in Cebu. The event is organized by Bo’s Coffee, a Cebu home-grown brand of coffee shop chain.

The Japanese brand doesn’t use coloring materials to draw images on top of a brewed coffee in a cup or mug. Skim milk has been used instead, a liquid object is used to draw an image on top of another liquid. The contrast of bright and dark is apparent ¬†from the light image drawn on the surface of a latte foam.

And it is not just any object. An angel, leaf, heart or swan can be drawn on the surface. The careful stroke of an artist’s hand makes the drawn object visible on the surface of a dark liquid.

Art on Coffee

After the training conducted by Yamaguchi, a Cebu-based barista tried to emulate the work of the Japanese as shown on the image above. This is shared to me by Chanel, a Cebuana blogger, after being a fan of Yamaguchi.

Junichi Yamaguchi Junithi at work

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