April 16, 2014

17 reasons to visit and chill at Marshall’s Irish Pub

Dubbed as the only Irish Pub in Cebu, Marshall’s Irish Pub has a concept that is definitely Irish. And if you want to take a sip of Irish coffee, maybe this is the place.

Marshall's Irish Pub

I stumbled upon this place and visited it once, ordered only a bottle of beer and then hopped to another place in the metro. Perhaps, because of the small space occupying a unit in a complex building along Juana Osmena St. near the heart of uptown Cebu City that I needed to spend less time there. But little did I know, there are things that this place is worth visiting.

I have made a correspondence with an online friend who introduced me back to this pub and he gave me a list of reasons why everybody, who wants to have a pint of beer or alcohol or just want to chill, has to visit Marshall’s Irish Pub.

  1. Irish food is not common in the Philippines.
  2. The pub also offers American, English and Filipino food.
  3. Has exotic food on the menu such as crocodile (natural aphrodisiac) and ostrich (lean meat less fat).
  4. Burger patty is 100% USDA Angus Beef.
  5. Wide-range of menu has over 75 items and increasing.
  6. Delicious appetizers are very affordable not more than P100.
  7. The Irish pub concept is not just a formal bar or restaurant as pub in Ireland means “public place” which means you can wear anything you like, hangout and feel at home.
  8. The Irish pub is a unique combination of sports bar, bistro, restaurant and a regular bar.
  9. Marshall’s Irish Pub does not focus mainly on the drinks as most Irish pubs do, we also push our food side (restaurant) which makes us a gastropub.
  10. Popular local beers are offered at the same prices like other drinking places
  11. People who love sports flock at the pub to watch TV especially when Azkals play which makes the pub full
  12. Both foreigners and locals jam and do merry making together
  13. Acoustic music makes the people relax and some even sing with the musician
  14. The pub prioritizes quality – most of the ingredients are imported and high quality giving excellent taste
  15. The food comes with large servings, sometimes one serving is good for 2-3 persons which make them good value for money
  16. Marshall’s Irish pub has one of the most extensive beers and other liquor selection in Cebu.
  17. The pub does have happy hours from 4pm-7pm and offers discounted prices on selected items.

The 17-reason list is kind of educational to me for I learn more things about the  pub by reading the list. And you know what? The 17 number is in time for St. Patrick’s Day this March 17.

During March 17, Marshall’s Irish Pub has a promo to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint. And before the 17th of March falls, you should now make a reservation as this time of the year, many will flock to Irish Pub and celebrate the patron saint’s feast day.

And another thing to learn about Marshall’s Irish Pub is that is it a gastropub. It is not just beer that it is serving but also food as well. If you’re craving for an Angus beef steak, then be sure to head on Marshall’s Irish Pub and complement the steak with a bottle or a pint of beer.


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  1. Oh!.. Now I know.
    Thanks for the nice posts..

  2. Thank you Bjorn for your writing such a wonderful article for Marshall’s Irish Pub. Hopefully you can drop by soon :)

  3. Thanks for this nice article. . yah .. maybe I can drop by here sometimes after my work.

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