April 17, 2014

The Best and The Worst: Bjorn Cebuano reviews

Best and the WorstI am thinking of expanding my clout by posting reviews on this blog. Although I’ve been making review posts based on my experiences, I always seem that they are forgettable unless they are picked up by search engines.

After I published the first post about 365 Things to do in Cebu, it is now high time to create a brand for Bjorn Cebuano review. I would call this review feature posts differently but when I’ve navigated and found the most common things in reviews, the best and the worst always come out.

Yes, there is the five-star rating. Ratings have been the norm. But I think, if I rate hotels and restaurants and places similarly to more known ratings system established by large agencies and firms, I’ll be upstaged and again my reviews would be forgettable.

So far, there is no established critic yet when it comes to things Cebu and Cebuano. If there may be critics in existence in Cebu, they are mostly columnists in traditional Cebu newspapers. And mind you, politics have been in their columns. Although there are sports critics and columnists, I haven’t met anyone yet from the magazines and newspapers who are food critics. If there are, perhaps, I have overlooked their credentials.

Lifestyle writers are there though but, I believe, I can create a brand of my own in the Cebu scene as a lifestyle critic. Thanks to my blog, which makes this project viable,without any hindrance from corporate policy.

Now, what to expect from “The Best and the Worst: Bjorn Cebuano reviews”?

I have been invited in different events, from food to places and functions. I am also fond going to different places. It would be fun to take snap shots, to observe and write something about the place or the food. Doing things blogger-like is what makes a blogger, right?

Bjorn Cebuano will review not only the food, not only the place but the whole event itself… the function. Perhaps, I will only highlight the food, or the ambiance of the place or the people.

I am not a gossip-monger and I don’t mind people’s businesses.  But sometimes, it is riveting to talk about the people in an event,  in particular. Such as the speaker or the host. But I won’t focus on an individual or people in a whole article. It would be more like a paragraph or two in a post.

Would I do movie reviews?

Yes, I will. I like watching movies. But I am picky in the genre of movies that I would like to view. Unless I am free in an evening of a week, I will perhaps watch an independent film. Even films that may be found crappy by other critics, I might watch and do a review about them.

A word of warning though- I won’t establish myself as a movie critic. I won’t watch films as they come out. Unless, there is an invitation or recommendation to watch that movie, I would not post a movie review.

Will Bjorn Cebuano only focus Cebu?

There are many things in Cebu to talk about, to review and to share. Even in just one year, an establishment may sprout out of nowhere.

So yeah, I would only do post things in Cebu. What I will discover might be added in the 365 Things to do in Cebu.

Should places and establishments feel scared when I post reviews about them, especially the negatives?

“The Best and The Worst: Bjorn Cebuano Reviews” would be doing a balancing act. I will state in the post the good things about the place or the food or the event. And yes, also the not-so-good.

If ever I will have a negative review, I post it in a constructive-criticism way. I am not an expert in many things. But oftentimes, people who are your consumers, customers or clients can make suggestions on how to help grow a business.

Think of having your business or product posted in Bjorn Cebuano, a grit of your publicity. Although for celebrities, bad publicity is still good publicity; in normal business situations, bad reviews may mean bad for your business.

Get ready to be reviewed. Bjorn Cebuano will be there. Ready to observe, experience and to post reviews.




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