April 23, 2014

Greenwich Lasagna Supreme launched in Cebu

The lasagna that Anne Curtis has popularized is now in Cebu.
Greenwich Lasagna Supreme has been launched through a bloggers meetup today in Greenwich RainTree Mall.

And I have pictures of the food and even the drinks.

Greenwich overload pizza

The overload pizza was superb that I ended up buying more of this. I like the Hawaiian Overload pizza though.



Greenwich Lasagna Supreme


The Greenwich lasagna supreme is delicious as expected. It is creamy, saucy and filled with oozing goodness.


Greenwich Choco Pearl Coolers

The choco drink is the variation of The Pearl Coolers, Greenwich is offering this Summer. The other two are Mango and Buko Pandan. I like all 3 flavors but I prefer more the Buko Pandan.




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  1. I actually have eaten this two years ago in Davao. Check it out here: http://cebudavao.com/streets-of-davao-and-greenwich-lasagna-supreme/

    Maybe this is the new Lasagna Supreme at Greenwich.

  2. I don’t know about you but I tried their omelette breakfast meal and was extremely disappointed. It didn’t look anything like the very tempting photo that was printed in the huge tarpaulin outside. Plus the serving size was small. I would have been happier to spend that money and a bit more next door at Jollibee with brewed coffee and not instant 3-in-1.

    • bjorn cebuano says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I believe not all fast-food chains offer the best food, especially in the morning.

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